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  • 'Y' Flag (2)
  • Yacht Gretel
  • Yacht Unidentified
  • Yachting
  • Yachts at New Norfolk
  • Yard Arm Brace
  • Yard Arm Mast Clamp
  • Yawl "Seaweed" (2)
  • YellowTeapot
  • York Cove Foreshore, George Town
  • York Cove, George Town (5)
  • York Cove, George Town.
  • York Cove, George Town, 1950's
  • York Cove, George Town 1952
  • York Cove, George Town, Tasmania (4)
  • York Cove, George Town, Tasmania, 1950's
  • York Cove Rivulet in Flood, George Town
  • Young
  • 'Young Endeavour' House Flag
  • Young lads ploughing with draught horses at Mengha, Tasmania
  • Young lady at the blackwood dump at Britton's mill, Brittons Swamp, Tasmania
  • Young people at George Town c 1930
  • Youthful Edwardian fashion