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Henry Fitzsimmonds Cottage

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Frost, Max

Description: This structure is situated on the Meander Valley Road in Westbury, Tasmania. The modest timber cottage was built in c.1850 on a five acre land grant No. 4, for a retired military soldier named Henry Fitzsimmonds. More than 160 five acre allotments were granted to former military personnel in this Westbury suburb known as "Queenstown" in that era. The men were obligated to do twelve days military service a year. The home was given to the military pensioners after seven years provided the conditions of their service were fulfilled. Mr. Fitzsimmonds lived in this dwelling for nearly three decades. He died in Launceston at the age of 78 on the 20th of October 1880. The building has been extensively renovated recently. The photograph was taken from the northern direction in July 2005.

Format: Pictorial and artistic works
Object: photographs

Henry Fitzsimmonds Cottage

Institution: Westbury Historical Society

Object number: WEHS_0163

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