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Two Views from Hastings

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Kay, Don

Date: 1994 -

Description: 'Moonlight Ridge' is located in the Far South of Tasmania. Its very name conjures up a sense of mystery and obscure romance. My single movement work was written in response to the moonlit image of the snow covered ridge gleaming in the distance across the dark, still waters of Hastings Bay. This piece was written in 1994 and is approximately ten minutes long. 'Bush Tapestry' - from the hill-side overlooking Hastings Bay, one can see many patterns and colours in the bushlands and forests, near and far, right to the distant mountains. Some are light in colour and texture, some much darker; some intimately detailed, some more distant, with a sense of grandeur. Overall, there is much variety in the multi-layered patterning and a great sense of wild, untamed nature. This work, also in one movement, was conceived in 1997 as a companion piece to follow Moonlight Ridge or to be performed independently as preferred. 'Bush Tapestry' is Approx. five minutes long. Written for Large Ensemble - String Quintet or String Orchestra.

Format: Documents and books
Object: sheet music
Material: paper

Two Views from Hastings

Subjects: music

Places: Hastings, TasmaniaMoonlight Ridge, TasmaniaHastings Bay, Tasmania

Institution: Southport Community Centre

Object number: SCC_00066

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