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Archibal Dalgleish Johnston[e] Ancestry In Tasmania

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Woolley, Ellen
Pidgeon, Jeremy
Featherstone, Betty
Johnston, Brian
Bratt, Douglas
Stuart, Brenda
Eichholzer, John
Duncombe, Kathy

Date: 2002 -

Description: A black A4 manuscript with clear pages containing approximately 40 pages of information on the family of Archibald Johnston[e] It has many lovely photos , extracts, group charts and contact names.

Format: Documents and books
Object: manuscripts

Archibal Dalgleish Johnston[e] Ancestry In Tasmania

Subjects: genealogycooperages

People/Orgs: Johnston[e] Archibald DalgleishSimpson, ElizabethGillespie, Helen/Ellen

Places: Fife, ScotlandBruny Island, Tasmania

Institution: Bruny Island Historical Society

Object number: BIH_00093

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